Concrete resurfacing / polishing specialists, and a fantastic business opportunity!


Specialist services from a national network of professionally trained, certified and supported Licensees. (In most areas)

Full flake, epoxy floor.Home Sweet HomePolished concrete shopping centerSafety and looksHigh gloss, polished concreteNew Zealand Spray PavingEpoxy with glitter and paint flakesAnother famous brand logoPride and joy.

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Why resurface / polish concrete?(Watch clip) 

  • Safety against slippery flooring
  • Increase property value.
  • Repair and water-proof, which extends its life.
  • A range of cost effective treatments or coatings.
  • Be house proud and transform that ugly concrete.
  • Attract more customers if you own a business.
  • Your own unique, great looking, custom designed area.
  •  Forget about renovating your floors ever again.
  • Be aware of operators forced to use, only one product range.
  • We fix DIY mistakes and offer a 7 year guarantee.


* Clean and seal from only $14 per sq/mt (T's&C's)

Why buy a Spray Pave business? (Watch clip) 

  • Earn up to $3,300+ per week, with income guarantee.
  • Keep your old job, while you build your new business.
  • Work from home, around your family and fun lifestyle hours.
  • Customer leads, contracts, finance and 7 year guarantee. 
  • You can work inside or outside, all seasons of the year.
  • Learn 6 new trades / lifelong skills, all for one low price.
  • A lifetime support, small business mentor programme.
  • We offer our own finance. No banks needed.
  • Years of experience, clips, info' and guides on the forum.
  • Be aware of business's with fees, product choice and growth restrictions. 
  • Learn the DIY mistakes and how to repair/avoid them. Offer quality work.


* Learn all 6 new trades from only $7,000 + S.P.P.


  A Spray Pave Business has many names:- Agency, Franchise,  Business opportunity,  Money Machine, Home business.

The correct name is a License.  

Our proven systems are designed to fast-track the right person to their dream lifestyle.

A lifestyle of high profits, independent security, flexible hours, more holidays, new friends and good times.   

Are YOU the right person?

Established 1991: Franchisees since 1998: Licensees since 2006:  

Still going strong after 26 years in 2017, helping dreams come true.

Licensees forum to share lots of great information about trades and administration etc..

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